Genetic policy

Genetics in animal experimentation is a major condition for efficient and modern medical research. To supply research teams with animal models of high genetic quality, JANVIER LABS has developed high-performance genetic management based on strict genetic rules and the use of modern tools such as embryo cryopreservation. The JANVIER LABS GENETIC POLICY was established by Dr Leblanc, Veterinary Surgeon, and Dr Kluge (a laboratory rodent genetics specialist from the “Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde e. V. GV-SOLAS“) and is under the direct supervision of our Veterinary Department in collaboration with Dr Kluge.

To ensure the genetic homogeneity of the animals we deliver to the end-user, we perform stringent genetic management of breeding animals at 3 different levels simultaneously: at the nucleus colony, between the nucleus and the production colonies and at production unit level.

Avoiding any form of genetic contamination and the appearance of genetic deviations are core elements of JANVIER LABS's policy. To meet these objectives, every 10 generations our company's genetics management carries out systematic renewal of the nucleus breeding stock from our stock of cryopreserved embryos. This system enables us to slow down the development of our nucleus which as a result grows by a generation every 15 years instead of 2 generations per year. This method enables JANVIER LABS to guarantee the genetic stability of these models in the long term.

At JANVIER LABS, we have separate, modern facilities for housing our Nucleus, Expansion and Production stock.

Our laboratory animal technicians receive very thorough training which includes a module on Mendelian genetics, provided by a Veterinary Surgeon from our Veterinary Services Department. The relevant Quality documents are also available in every animal laboratory. CPD takes the form of regular new courses and explanatory meetings.

The genetic control programme is carried out in an independent laboratory, The Jackson Laboratory (US) for mice and IDEXX BIORESEARCH (Germany) for rats.