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List of models

Nomenclature: RjHan:NMRI

Type: Outbred mouse
Colour and related genotype: Albino mouse - Tyrc/Tyrc
Origin: Zentralinstitut für Versuchstierzucht (Hannover) - 1982
Breeding: Good breeder

Fields of research

  • Behaviour
  • General studies
  • Metabolism
  • Oncology
  • Pharmacology
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Teratology
  • Toxicology

Description of our model

Outbred, 9-mouse colony, originally from Swiss, from Lausanne (C. Lynch - 1926), transmitted to Poiley (1937), maintained as an inbred strain up to F51 (named NIH/PI) before being transmitted to the Naval Medical Research Institute – to the Bundes-Forschungsanstalt für Viruskrankheiten (1955) and then the Central Institute for Laboratory Breeding (Hannover - 1958).

SOPF NMRI mice are ideal sentinels because they will readily seroconvert.

Our added value

  • The « JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy », a specific programme, guarantees less than 1% inbreeding per generation.
  • Animals with the SPF or SOPF standards.
  • A gentling policy for docile and easy-to-handle animals.
  • Optimal stability conditions of our models during shipments, thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.
  • A scientific support with a team of Veterinarians and PhD.

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