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C57BL/6JRj – The reference model for your research

C57BL6JRj 100% reference compliant   

Concept JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy

The JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy®, our specific programme guarantees strict homozygosity in the genome of our inbred strains.

  • Management is performed at 3 different levels: the nucleus of the colony, the expansion phase and in the production colony of animals sent to the user.
  • We renew the breeding nucleus every 10 generations by changing all the breeders.

Stability of your strain

The JANVIER LABS policy is the basic concept in the management of all our inbred strains and specifically in C57BL/6JRj.

  • Originated from a formally defined founding breeding pair.
  • To remain genetically stable in relation to its origins.
  • To ensure the genetic stability of C57BL/6JRj over time.

Our mice are available in our permanent stocks from the age of 3 weeks to 24 months.

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